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A common concern I hear when working with teams is how much time should we spend in design or architecture of our product.  I had a real nice conversation with a team last week around this topic and wanted to share some of that discussion.

The conversation started with a comment around 'we were told in agile we don't do any design. That seems crazy.  How do you find the right balance.'  No design or architecture consideration ever is crazy.!StumbleUpon!
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Jen Krieger (@mrry550 ) tweeted a very nice comment around her excitement for the DevNation sessions around DevOps and Continuous Delivery, along with a nice write-up on her blog here.  Reading the blog posting, I thought I would shed a little more light on my presentation at DevNation, namely my perspective and the motivation for the session.

The motivation for my session is pretty simple - Continuous Delivery can be pretty awesome.  It can help teams create awesome products in an effective way and create environments where there is less failure noise (bug discussions, system instability, etc) and more focus on building cool things that help people. We all want to build.!StumbleUpon!
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