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Written by Joel Tosi   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 08:49

My name is Joel Tosi and I'm an independent consultant, working in the Agile / XP / Lean / DevOps space.  I currently leverage concepts and principles from those disciplines for my own ideas and startups.

Site Goal

The purpose of this site is to share and spread knowledge for excellence in product delivery. I don't subscribe to any one sect of practices, but I am passionate about continuously improving.  If something is working for you, toss it up here and lets pass around the experiences.  I've learned far more from others than I have discovered on my own.

Professional History

Historically a Java developer, I have production code running in Java, C#, perl, and Ruby.  Also some pet projects, samples kicked around in Clojure and Scala.  I've done the high throughput backend systems; large, high data websites; infrastructure design...been there done that.  I'm at a point right now in my career where I am more interested in figuring out how to create a meaningful product in a great environment than about checking boxes on my geek checklist.

Personal History

Happily married to my lovely wife of 13 years, 3 awesome kids, living in the burbs of Chicago in The Reckoning (home we designed and built) - but open to moving to some place with more frequently usable weather.  When the kids aren't keeping me hopping, I train and compete in duathlons.  Love reading - check out my linkedIn profile to see what I am reading now as that would be most up to date; love green technology and might some day actually execute on plan for a community based on sustainable energy - shared geothermal heating, common slabs, etc.

Random Thoughts

Hopefully you learn something here or you get some motivation to try a route of improvement.  If so, awesome, and please pay it forward.

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