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The one on the right is actually Steve.  Lee wasn't available for the picture as he was cutting hairIn the Agile world (or any responsible product development environment), people don't just talk about high quality, they are passionate about it.  Think beyond software...companies build marketing strategies around quality.  Fruit of the Loom, Zenith, Toyota...all have marketed solely around quality.  But for far too long, software development in general has treated testing as a second class citizen.  Have you seen any of the following scenarios?

  1. Organizational view that 'anyone can test' - evident by 'power users' becoming testing leads without any software background
  2. Team growth due to a high amount of product maintenance / support
  3. View on testing, sometimes from director of quality, that testers should just be given finalized specifications and file defects (and track) against every bullet point

If you have witnessed any of the above scenarios, then you have seen firsthand a testing environment in a sad state.  I can't wave the magic Agile wand and change the world - I think you need a couple hundred kids holding hands and drinking Coke to change that.  I will, however, give some ideas on how we can start righting this ship.!StumbleUpon!