Jen Krieger (@mrry550 ) tweeted a very nice comment around her excitement for the DevNation sessions around DevOps and Continuous Delivery, along with a nice write-up on her blog here.  Reading the blog posting, I thought I would shed a little more light on my presentation at DevNation, namely my perspective and the motivation for the session.

The motivation for my session is pretty simple - Continuous Delivery can be pretty awesome.  It can help teams create awesome products in an effective way and create environments where there is less failure noise (bug discussions, system instability, etc) and more focus on building cool things that help people. We all want to build.

I believe the intent is awesome.  I see the implementation challenged.  I don't see the tech as a challenge - I see the 'rollout' of DevOps and Continuous Delivery as the challenge.  In one example, a new management team comes in and says 'we will do continuous delivery by the end of the year' - but the organization can't even build predictably.  Another place where the build is in a good space, but the team has gone off the rails and is using Chef to compile Apache...on each deploy.  Another challenge with 'automation' ... which means pre-provision huge boxes and not worry about process isolation. Plenty of places lacking test or quality...and so on.

What is my session ultimately about?  Sure, we will talk about some tech, in the context of 'what helps and why.'  But this won't be a session of answers, it will be a session of questions.  I want to see more people, more organizations being successful with Continuous Delivery - learning and building.  And the session will be a long hard look in the mirror to see 'are we just doing the automation or are we solving real problems?'  I will provide stories, reflection, and insight along the way.

I don't want to give too much a way, I don't think I did ;)  Come hang at my session if you want to understand the systems at play in the Continuous Delivery space.

See you next week.